Tuesday, March 8, 2011

where am i at?

right now
in this moment,
this moment is all i have.
unknowns fold in and i'm not ok
with just continuing with the way things are.
pretending that i don't realize
that something is missing.

everything has to be deep for me
because there is always meaning
and i am always learning.

the waiting is the hard part....

but i trust.

because i always know,
that in the end
all will be revealed.

it really is not about the destination
(because i WILL get there)
but it is ALL about the journey.

and just when you think that you are comfortable,
it really isn't an end at all.
it's just another beginning....

and so it is!

love and light,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh summer...where art thou?

So it is not suprising that winter is starting to get to me.

I'm so not a winter person. And this year has not started off too well. So unwell in fact, that both myself and my cousin have decided that the real new year is going to start at the beginning of February when the Chinese New Year begins.

A friend called the other day and told me that January 18th is the most depressing day of the year...and he was just calling to cheer me up. It is moments like these that help with these long, cold winter days and nights.

As with everything, winter is just a moment that will pass; just something to go through. But even though I know this, while I'm going through it, it's still a pain in the ass :)

Love and light,


Sunday, December 12, 2010

My 2010 Gratitude List

And now I would like to present my 2010 gratitude list...

What am I grateful for?
*my big, deep feeling heart and all that comes with it

*unexpected, easy friendships in unexpected places

*homeopathy (did I mention that it has changed my life)

*the life that I have chosen to create

*little boys who are still little boys underneath it all

*the courage that I had to take risks and discover new adventures

*all the learnings, that never really end

*continuing my hair journey

*my boy, the witness to my journey, all the ups and downs, ins and outs, and his compassionate patience

*the job I found and all the lessons it has to teach me

*Lutie, the white striped siamese troublemaker

*renewal of friendships and the serendipitous way that this manifested

*the courage and strength to open

*the good, the bad and the ugly: because ugly really isn't as ugly as I thought it would be. There is always a gift in the end.

*positive choices that prioritized me

* the love that surrounds me in unexpected and yet simple ways

*unexpected teachers through whom the universe speaks

*family and good friends and the unforgettable moments

*the simple things that can be found in each moment

*my down time

*the courage to go against the grain

*yoga, yoga and more yoga

What do I hope 2011 brings?

*peace and ease

*deeper levels of self-discovery

*continued serendipitous moments


*more creative outlets


*lots of fun adventures into the unknown

May this new year be all that you want it to be and more!

With love,



As the magic of the holiday season approaches, I am reminded about the importance of appreciation. I received this message in my inbox today:

If we don’t feel that we are receiving from the Light indefinitely more than we are giving, then appreciation is an area we need to focus on in our spiritual work. We can also be certain that no matter how challenging this work may seem, the rewards are greater than we can possibly imagine.

When we are focused on what we don’t have we start losing appreciation. And when we lose appreciation we can also lose what we do have.

A person with a true desire for life has gratitude for what he has, yet he still craves more. We were meant to have it all. A person with authentic desire knows he has been given wonderful gifts, but he also knows they can disappear at any moment. He feels full and incomplete at the same time.

The lesson to remember is:

Our connection to ourselves, others, and ultimately to the Light of the Creator begins and ends with appreciation.

This is something we already know. I simply wish to remind you of the utter importance of constantly fighting to remain in gratitude. And make no mistake it is a struggle, because our natural instinct is to look for the negative. It takes effort to not compare ourselves with others, and to not feel lack. It’s easy to erupt in anger and self-pity resulting from jealousy or insecurity, but far more difficult to wage the internal battle against ego (which is the root cause of resentment, doubt, and you can fill in the rest.)

It’s not just that we should strive for appreciation of things and experiences. People who help us along the way are also channels for the Light. If we forget them, then we are cutting off our connection to the Source of all that is good in our life. Even if it was 20 years ago, it’s important to remember people who were there for us along our journey. When we are busy looking at the good others have done for us, our attention shifts away from what we don’t have.

All of us are blessed with various gifts. We need to take time to be grateful for these gifts, so they will remain with us. Through appreciation we can avoid feeling that we are missing out on something, thereby wasting or losing what we do have. The feeling of abundance creates more abundance.

This week, take a step back. Develop greater appreciation by imagining what life would be like if the things, people, qualities, abilities you do have were taken away. Every time you find yourself fixated on the glittering lives in the pages of People, or the shiny new toys your neighbor has, bring back your focus. Come back home to yourself, to your life, and look around.

What if these things and these people weren’t here tomorrow? How much would you miss them?

Happy holidays to you and yours!

With love,


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Note to Self

*You are only one person...there is only so much you can do. Or as my dad says: "Eat the elephant one bite at a time."

*Connecting with good friends is important. Make sure to make time for it!

*My feelings always let me know the truth

*Scott Pilgrim versus the World rocks! I need to own this movie...and the soundtrack if possible

*You really are a BIG nerd
*Boundaries are important...make sure you use them!
*Keep doing things you love

*Shopping therapy is important for your mental health. Treat yourself once in awhile

* I'm too sensitive to drink black tea...I need to find alternatives

*Yoga, yoga and more yoga

*Cute boys make me blush

*As my son likes to say: show me the rule book!

*Christmas is around the corner. I need to get my butt in gear

* No more complaints and wear my complaint free world bracelet until it I stop

*You never know what's going on in someone's life by just looking at them. I love the stories

*I really do geek out about anything to do with: vampires, my hair (I want to get it as straight as my hairdresser does), Jersey Shore and New Age stuff

*Bring more music into your life...it's important!

AND last but not least....

Remember: everything is in divine perfect order and will unfold as it should

With love,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Welcome to your dream

My life has become such a whirlwind over the past couple of months that I don't even know where to begin. So many magical things are afoot, so many changes, so much growth it is actually really incredible.

I want them all to be remembered...I just want to list them all:

*finished school....YAAH!

*EFT tapping for money (it works...try it!!)

*new jobs and all the tiredness that comes with it

*homeopathy: it has changed my life...literally

*peace powders

*candle burning

*new friends and reconnecting with old friends

*continuing to get closer with my boy

*magic all around me

*hard choices that are right for me

*reconnections that i never expected

*superhero hunting

*new balances
*unexpected friendships
*more intuitive moments

*vampire obsessions

*dancing the night away

*learning about what life is again

*open opportunities

*opening to love again

*camping adventures

*Niagara overnights

*hopes and dreams discovered

*new boundaries and possibilities

Life is a dream....anything is all possible!

P.S. I'm getting back into yoga again...it brings me so much balance

Friday, April 30, 2010

Being Vulnerable....

I heard this song today and I love it! Showing our vulnerabilities is what makes us human but also it is what makes us who we are. A lesson to remember indeed...

Love and light,